Temporary Exhibitions

The Music Museum Fame also has space for temporary exhibitions that changes three to four times a year, these can either be exhibitions, events or even technological adventures. The changing content, in collaboration with other music actors, presents all kinds of music in Finland, complementing and deepening the offering of the Music Museum’s permanent exhibition. The first topics are women in popular music, newer domestic hits, the conquest of Finnish metal music, and Sibelius’s relationship with nature. Schedules and more specific information will be published later.


Are the seeds of heavy melancholy growing in the Finnish forests? Is there a small metal troll hidden inside every Finn?

Finnish metal exports have demand! Finland and heavy metal are synonyms within the rock music circles around the world. Are the seeds of heavy melancholy growing in the Finnish forests? Is there a small metal troll hidden inside every Finn?

This exhibition presents selected snapshots from the world travels of Finnish metal, spanning from the 1980s to the present day, which unfolds the development of our small northern country into a metal music empire. It’s a story of an initially marginal music genre becoming the biggest item of Finnish music exports, and the cornerstone of Finland’s musical brand.

The history of Finnish heavy metal exports includes hundreds of bands touring the world, with an endless amount of stories and material. This exhibition takes a closer look into a few bands that represent different styles of metal music, from experienced tour veterans to younger torch bearers.

The story of Finnish metal, for its part, embodies the soul of Finnish music and its dark-lit compartments. A peek inside is provided through interviews, videos, and a variety of touring-related articles. This exhibition has a backstage atmosphere, created with authentic gear from the recently closed local Nosturi venue and a key export band Children of Bodom.

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The Evolution of Finnish Schlager Music

What is the state of Finnish schlager music as we enter the 2020’s? 

14.2. – 3.5.

Music Museum FAME’s 20 years of Iskelmä jubilee exhibition takes us through the change of Finnish schlager music through four luminous artists with different starting points in their careers. Juha Tapio, Kaija Koo, Erin and Elastinen represent different music styles and age groups. On the exhibition’s video screens, each one of them shares their views on the change of schlager music over the past 20 years and their attitude towards schlager. In addition to the artists’ views, the exhibition walls will feature facts from along the journey of both radio and music.

For the past 20 years, Radio Iskelmä has had a prime seat for watching modern schlager music climb to the top of the lists and reach top listener ratings, becoming Finland’s most popular domestic music style.

Long gone are the days of dusty hay barn romanticism. The reign of the new schlager began around the turn of the millennium and is going strong. Elements from other musical styles have blended in with schlagers, as artists bring forth their own styles with personal interpretations. Also, the meaning of schlager has broadened. These days, it encompasses a large part of all Finnish language mainstream music. Anything from rock to electronic dance music can be mixed into the modern schlager. Winds of change can be seen elsewhere; unlike before, schlager is no longer a curse word to an artist’s credibility. Today, it is a genre to be reckoned with, from which one can safely get inspiration for one’s own music.


Women in popular music


The image of women making popular music work in Finland has recently changed and become more diverse. A woman today is much more than “just” a singer. These persistent music multiplayers also compose, write lyrics, play numerous instruments, produce recordings, lead bands and manage their own publicity and career.

“I’ve had several bands where I’ve been a leader and a songwriter and a leading figure.”
-Litku Klemetti

Six women from different backgrounds and different generations and genres have been interviewed for the exhibition. The stories of Vicky Rosti, Jonna Tervomaa, Mira Luoti, Litku Klemetti, Saara Aalto and Nelli Matula create an image of determined, stubborn, ambitious and uncompromising artists. Everything is done even by itself, in case there aren’t ready channels to carry out your vision.

“Nothing has come for free. After all, everything needs hard work.”
-Mira Luoti

But women still need to work double in order to gain appreciation for popular music which is traditionally dominated by men. For women, music is hard work.