Flower reflector

FLOWER reflector designed by Saara Renvall.


FLOWER is a jewel-like reflector that combines both aesthetics and its purpose. The FLOWER is designed for you to be seen in the dark! The reflector is strikingly beautiful and yet practical. Decorate your clothes, hat, bags and even dog collar with this stunning FLOWER design. The reflector is delivered in a black cardboard gift box.

The FLOWER is designed by Saara Renvall from Finland. Please note that while FLOWER is a reflective piece of jewellery, it is not a reflector with CE marking.

Material: The FLOWER leaves are made of a reflective film with a stainless steel core and latch.

Size: diameter 80mm, weight 8g

Care: Clean with a damp cloth, do not do laundry. Remember, FLOWER is like a piece of jewellery. Try to avoid folding its leaves as this may break the reflective film. If your reflector needs to be remodelled, first gently heat it with a hairdryer and then gently fold the leaves. The product is also available in different colours on request.