Instant Kuusi

30.4.2021 - 22.4.2022

What is the vibrant forest of Sibelius like in 2020s? In the middle of the lively city, there is a matchbox which opens a capturing multimedia installation. Step closer to the matchbox and notice how the space becomes alive with the music.

Designed and executed by KAXKAX (Thu Nguyen and Valtteri Wikström), the installation represents the deep relationship Jean Sibelius had with nature in a new way. It is told that Sibelius carried with himself a matchbox filled with a piece of Ainola’s forest. Due to his synesthetic tendencies, he could sense the forest by smelling the box. Moss and needles inspired Sibelius to compose. Instant Kuusi is based on pianist Matleena Nyman’s interpretation of Sibelius’ beloved piece Kuusi (The Spruce). The music played with Sibelius’ grand piano, forest-themed paintings from the golden era, and sounds both from nature and the city create a new kind of an experience, regardless of the age or nationality of a visitor.

The work is produced by Yle in collaboration with Ainola, Music Museum Fame and Finnish National Gallery.