Visitor Safety

Let’s take care of each other – safety and hygiene in Music Museum Fame and Restaurant Fame

  • Please mind the safety distance if needed. Regarding the visitor amounts, we have been following the current instructions
  • Please wash your hands at least when entering and leaving the museum or the restaurant 
  • The tables at the restaurant, surfaces, digital screens, earphones, VR-equipment and doorknobs are cleaned by our staff. There are facial covers designed especially for the use of VR-equipment. When you leave the museum, please throw away the facial cover 
  • Hand sanitizer is available all around the museum and the restaurant 
  • You may use disposable gloves which are available at the ticket office
  • You may use a face mask voluntarily. Face masks are sold in the museum shop 
  • You may ask our staff to clean devices before you use them 
  • If you are having symptoms such as flu, cough, fever, or you’re feeling otherwise unwell, please remember to stay home. In this case you are welcome to visit the museum later – your ticket is valid for later use 
  • Please sneeze and cough to your sleeve or a tissue, and throw the tissue to the closest thrash can
  • Our staff will gladly help in every possible situation