Symphony of Myths

1.11.2022 - 12.3.2023

Symphony of Myths — The fantastic glass orchestra by Kjell Engman

Music and glass — the two lifelong loves of artist and designer Kjell Engman, come together in Music Museum Fame’s temporary exhibition Symphony of Myths. It is a fulfilled dream — a vibrant, exuberant, joyful consequence of his 45-year career as a glass artist — as Engman now connects these elements in his mythical glass orchestra. The exhibition includes different kinds of colourful glass instruments in life-size, with an installation of video and sound that complements the glass story. Step in, and experience the glass orchestra and the unique, fascinating world of sound and video.

The temporary exhibition Symphony of Myths is made in collaboration with Music Museum Fame and Kosta Boda. In this world premiere, Swedish art and design are welcomed for a visit in the middle of the countless stories told by Finnish music. Nordic collaboration with a shared history and culture inspired an exhibition that welcomes one to a world of music and glass art. Kosta Boda has produced blown glass artifacts and art glass since 1742, and they are known for their fantastic form language and elegance. This exhibition is a part of the Nordic collaboration of Music Museum Fame.

“It is the bigger picture I am passionate about – completeness”, says Kjell Engman. “I love building worlds, creating atmospheres and stories. For me my installations are like films without dialogue – there I am the director, and the glass figures are my actors. I want to offer the viewer experiences for many senses, not just to tell truths but to stimulate creativity and different perceptions.”