Metal Export

10.7.2020 - 14.3.2021

Finnish metal exports have demand! Finland and heavy metal are synonyms within the rock music circles around the world. Are the seeds of heavy melancholy growing in the Finnish forests? Is there a small metal troll hidden inside every Finn?

This exhibition presents selected snapshots from the world travels of Finnish metal, spanning from the 1980s to the present day, which unfolds the development of our small northern country into a metal music empire. It’s a story of an initially marginal music genre becoming the biggest item of Finnish music exports, and the cornerstone of Finland’s musical brand.

The history of Finnish heavy metal exports includes hundreds of bands touring the world, with an endless amount of stories and material. This exhibition takes a closer look into a few bands that represent different styles of metal music, from experienced tour veterans to younger torch bearers.

The story of Finnish metal, for its part, embodies the soul of Finnish music and its dark-lit compartments. A peek inside is provided through interviews, videos, and a variety of touring-related articles. This exhibition has a backstage atmosphere, created with authentic gear from the recently closed local Nosturi venue and a key export band Children of Bodom.